Spring Cleaning Storage Solution A La Martha Stewart

White Stackable 9 Cube Organizer, $59.99, available at Home Depot.

Smart. Chic. Versatile. Simple. Lovely. Would you really expect anything less from Martha?

We received a package today with a few products from Martha Stewart Living line (available at Home Depot), that reminded us that her goodies are now in store – and we’ve been so busy putting out our May issue that we haven’t even had a chance to check it out! So we took our curiosity online and had a gander at the site. Most surprising thing was we didn’t fall in love with everything right off the bat. Perhaps it was the concrete fountains and planters that took us a bit off guard.

But we have to say we love this organization piece! So simple, so practical and for only 60 bucks? For that much storage? Nice one. So, we won’t be purchasing any of her fountains, but we will take design cues from Mrs. Stewart and accessorize our cube organizer with beautiful sea foam accents and citrus novelties.

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