Spring Time Craft: Flowerpot Wind Chimes

Photography from Amy Anderson

Flower pots are not just for growing seedlings any more. Now they can made beautiful music in your garden as Flowerpot Wind Chimes.

The idea was born as a gift for Father’s Day from mommy-blogger Amy Anderson and her two daughters, but there is no reason you can’t turn this into an any day art project, especially now that the warm weather is here to stay (fingers crossed) and there is less of a chance that Old Father Winter will snow on your wind chime parade.

The execution of this project is simple but creative, just how we like it, and the results are unique every time. Some large wooden beads, scissors, glue, twine, acrylic paint and clear paint sealant, (we like the brush-on kind to keep bad aerosol chemicals out of the atmosphere) and nimble fingers are all you need to make this project a success. And why not try a few sun-catching jewels for an added element of sparkle!

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