Stella McCartney Designs Fashion Line for GapKids and BabyGap

A complete Stella McCartney for GapKids outfit.

We’ve known about Stella McCartney’s partnership with GapKids and BabyGap for some time now and, trust us, it was all we could do to not share the news (I’m sorry! We were sworn to secrecy). First of all, we love Stella McCartney—I mean she’s brilliant, against animal cruelty for fashion, and her dad’s a Beatle (’nuff said)—but what we really love is not just swooning over designer duds from the pages of a fashion mag, but actually owning them. Which is why we are sad that she didn’t venture into the adults arena and do some stuff for The Gap. But we will still keep our fingers crossed, and for now we will go on believing that our kids dress way better than we do.

Anyways, you can expect lots of playful and whimsical pieces (like a soft pink tutu and super hero tees),  über soft cashmere sweaters (our favourite is a long grey one with a faint leopard design), lots of muted tones (true to Stella’s signature style) and a fierce marching band-esque coat that we’d really like for ourselves. The line hit store shelves Sunday, so hurry in before it’s too late.

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