Store-Bought Rotisserie Chickens Not all They’re Clucked Up to Be?

Image courtesy of magnusfranklin via flickr (CC).

A few weeks ago I was discussing the merits of store-bought rotisserie chicken with a few other frazzled working moms. As we bandied about the multitude of ways to morph it into a dish that looked like it took hours to prepare, someone else came along and burst our little bubble.

Our smug looks quickly turned to shock and, well embarrassment, when he told us of a recent news story that found a deli-made quarter-chicken dinner with mixed veggies and potato wedges packed more calories and salt than a Big Mac with fries from McDonald’s.

Who knew?!

According to the story, the meal contains 905 calories, 46 grams of fat and 2,498 mg of sodium. (While the calories and fat are nothing to brag about, the sodium is actually 160 percent more than the recommended daily allotment.)

Of course I feel a bit silly now thinking that I was actually making a health choice for my family, even if it was a bit of a cheat. But what can I sub in for those fright nights when even boiling pasta seems like a monumental ordeal?

—Christina, CF‘s managing editor

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