Support Diversity and Anti-Bullying: Today’s the Day of Pink!

Photo by Michael Alberstat

If your child wore something pink to school this morning it’s because it’s the Day of Pink, the international day against bullying, discrimination and homophobia.

The first Day of Pink began in Nova Scotia in 2007 when a male Grade 9 student was harassed for wearing a pink polo shirt. Two Grade 12 students heard about it and took action, emailing fellow students to wear pink in support of their schoolmate.

According to the Day of Pink website, “discrimination comes in many forms including racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and ageism,” and no one should have to experience the negativity these create. “Day of Pink is more than a symbol of a shared belief in celebrating diversity, it’s also a commitment to being open-minded, accepting differences and learning to respect each other.”

Want to get involved? Learn how to host a Day of Pink day at your school (which can include barbeques, bake sales, contests, art projects and more) and find out how to become an Official Day of Pink Ambassador from the Day of Pink website.

And for more anti-bullying info, read our story to learn how your kids can safely speak up when they witness bullying in action.

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