Sweet Dinner Ideas: Pasta Nest with Meatball Birds

Photography from Trish at CraftyMoods

The greatest thing about this adorable dinner idea is that it’s so simple, you could almost prepare it with your eyes closed.

Mommy blogger Trish from CraftyMoods is the creative brain behind this cute Pasta Nest dish. Trish first became “fascinated with putting eyes on food” when she made Octo-Dogs for her oldest son—a very picky eater—who went bananas for the googly eyed grub. And now with this latest installation of eye-bedazzled food, the trend is really getting some legs!

The simple recipe calls for cooked spaghetti pasta with just half a teaspoon of butter (not too much or your nest will fall apart), some homemade turkey meatballs (although any type of meatball will do the trick), the candied eyes and a bit of orange peel for the beaks.

Adding a silly yet simple twist like edible eyes to an old supper standby can really breathe new life into to an otherwise run-of-the mill meal. And because it brings an element of fun to the food, you’ll be more likely to avoid groans of disapproval from picky eaters, who aren’t always keen on straying from the norm at dinnertime.

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