The Secret to Making Your Bras Last Longer (You Won’t Like it, But it Works)

Image courtesy of misspiano via Flickr.

We caught a repeat episode of Steven & Chris this weekend and learned a dirty little secret about our bras from the owner of Toronto’s Linea Intima, and lingerie guru, Liliana Mann.

I know, I know, washing your bra every time you wear it sounds more like a punishment than a tip but she swears doing it often (and correctly) will actually help your bra keep its shape and stay looking new longer. Apparently perspiration, lotion and fragrance build up can deteriorate your bras when not cleaned frequently. (Makes sense, right?)

Follow her steps to keep your bras looking good (and smelling fresh!):

1. In a bowl soak your bra for five minutes in a fine laundry detergent (Liliana suggests eco-friendly Eucalan No-Rinse Delicate Wash, which eliminates step 2) and says that with a good detergent you shouldn’t need to agitate too much to get your bra clean, especially because if you’ve only worn it that one day, it shouldn’t be too dirty.

2. Rinse.

3. Gently squeeze dry (don’t wring out!).

4. Reshape the cups and hang or lie flat to dry.

But for those of you who just can’t even fathom hand washing nightly, you can machine wash on the gentle cycle if you purchase a mesh bra bag or make your own with an old pillow case, tied off at the end.  These bags keep your bra separate from other clothes so it doesn’t get snagged.

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