Thinking About Going Organic? Ask the Hamster!

Hammy: CooksDen's Ultimate Food Critic

Back in our Winter 2009 issue, we took a look at two hot topics in the food world: local vs. organic eating. Well, the good people over at CooksDen have taken notice of the trends, too, and recently conducted some research to determine if organic food really tastes better than its “conventional” counterparts.

They were so curious, in fact, that they decided to bring in an expert: Hammy the Hamster.

Okay, we’ll admit that their “scientific method” was perhaps not the most… sophisticated. But their technique was pretty straightforward: present Hammy with an organic food item and a conventional item of the same type, and see which one she chooses more often.

According to Hammy, organics rule. For five out of six food types (banana, strawberry, broccoli, carrot and cheese), Hammy snubbed the conventional choice in favour of the organic option. We think she might be onto something!

So the next time you find yourself in the produce section, ask yourself: What Would Hammy Do?

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