Toronto Fashion Week Spring Forecast

This was the dress we picked for CF's Editorial Assistant

Even though our minds are still circling around the fact that Saturday is Halloween and we will be soon shooting the most fabulous Halloween shoot for next year’s October issue (stay tuned!), we did manage to sneak away to a couple of the Spring fashion shows at Toronto’s LG Fashion Week.

So far the highlight? David Dixon, and even Barbie by David Dixon. We found both lines to be very wearable (for women of many shapes and ages), and the Barbie collection was surprisingly chic and work appropriate for the notorious lady of leisure (think Victoria Beckham meets Audrey Hepburn). We were even able to pick out an outfit for everyone on our team that would be flattering and work appropriate, and we are already planning our Spring splurges on the feminine yellow chiffon skirts and tops and the structured jackets from his namesake collection.

But we have to admit, we left the Joe Fresh Style show a little dazed and confused. While the music was superfun and the models were generally upbeat (especially Theodora Richards–Keith Richards’ daughter–who had an endearing first walk stumble), and we know that this was only a small tidbit of what is in store for us come spring, we didn’t find much that we could wear, or would really want to wear. To start, there was a lot of underwear (or at least what we hope was underwear) and bras over top, which we definitely hope is not a sign of fashion to come. There were also bloomers, gingham bloomers to be exact, hot pants and then more gingham. And there was a puzzling straw hat that looked more like Amish headgear than a sun accessory. And all of this culminated into what can only be described as farmhouse chic.

Joe Fresh Style

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