Truth: It’s Sometimes Okay to Put Chocolate on The Walls

Arren Williams' chocolate suite. Photography by Stefano Barbera.

Sometimes our job is hard, I mean really, really hard.  Last Thursday was especially tough as we headed to Toronto’s Delta Chelsea Hotel to do a chocolate tasting. Why go to a hotel to do that you might be wondering? Well, along with the tasting, we were treated to two room makeovers that were inspired by the colour and the creaminess of the new Hershey’s milk chocolate bar.

Arren Willams, one of our favourite design gurus and regular contributor to our magazine, fashioned a chocolate-inspired bedroom in his own classic, eclectic, modern-chic style. Design expert Karen Sealy created a family room in beautiful brown tones with hits of blue and orange accents and the most fabulous leather sectional we have ever seen. The rooms were beautiful, creative and practical and put together on a very tight budget. We’ll show you the photos and share their design tips in a blog post later this week.

If you’re following us on Twitter (if you’re not, go here), you may have picked up that we love chocolate and consider ourselves experts on everything that can be made with a cocoa bean. What we didn’t know is that there are over 1,500 flavour components to chocolate, giving it a complex layering of distinctive tastes. We learned that Hershey’s uses Foresaro cocoa beans and blends in Criollo and Trinitario beans to alter the subtle flavours to their milk chocolate. This is what makes it Hershey’s chocolatiest milk chocolate ever.

We also learned that Canadians have chocolate preferences that are unique from our American friends (maybe this is the single thing we can always count on to unify us from coast to coast). Apparently we enjoy subtle toffee flavours, a hint of vanilla and we love our chocolate to be very creamy and smooth. Well, we tasted the new Hershey’s milk chocolate recipe (all five different bars!) and it’s delicious! You can find them in stores now and the best thing: if you have your Yankee friends over, you don’t have to share because they won’t like it.

Now that your mind is on chocolate, here are some of our favourite chocolate recipes:
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• Chocolate Yogurt Mousse Cups

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