Try this Sweet and Adorable Birthday Ritual

Photography courtesy of

I love the idea of documenting my son regularly over a fixed period of time, like the “take a picture of his face every day for  a month” idea, or any of those other transfixing inspirations floating around. Honestly though, for me, it’s already too late/I’m too low-key for most of these.

But I think this birthday-documenting tradition is one I can actually make mine, especially since birthdays are the one time I’m maybe guaranteed to have a charged camera on-hand. All you do: Each year, you take a photo of your lovely standing in the same spot, or in front of the same thing, like, of course, a cake. See? Sweet, easy, honest nostalgia. Love it.

–Melissa, CF‘s lifestyle editor

PS: This brilliant idea is via my favourite new parenting site, momfilter, self-described as a “digital water cooler” for families from the founding mothers of Cookie magazine. As with the mag, I’m absolutely smitten with the photography, food and content from contributor Jennie Tung.

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