Wednesday is Child Care Worker and E.C.E. Appreciation Day in Ontario

Illustration by Rosemary Travale

Wed., Oct. 21, 2009 is officially Child Care Worker/Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day in Ontario.

Looking for ways to show the people who care for and teach your child how much their hard work means to your family? Here are 3 easy ideas:

1 Your provider has a big hand in what your children learn each day. Trace your child’s hand and help her write what she likes most about each of her daycare/child care workers/E.C.E.s so she can give them out to staff.

2 Work with your child on a small homemade gift such as cookies, muffins or a cake that can be shared by staff.

3 If it is a home daycare, consider buying flowers or a small gift if you know something about the provider’s hobbies or interests.

Even just a heartfelt “thanks” is sure to be appreciated.

One response to “Wednesday is Child Care Worker and E.C.E. Appreciation Day in Ontario”

  1. chany cam says:

    Thank you Rosemary Travale for your thoughtful suggestions, ECE’s everywhere appreciate community support from stakeholders like yourself. The media is a powerful tool in supporting our ability to have better recognition.