When is the Best Time and Age to Start Potty Training?

And then there was a puddle...

Did you hear about the recent Journal of Pediatric Urology study? The research indicates that between 27 and 32 months is the best time to start potty training. Children who potty trained later than 32 months were more likely to have daytime wetting and bed-wetting all the way to the age of 12. Of course, one of the study’s doctors concludes, “Parents do not need to feel pressure.”

No pressure? Ha! That’s the whole parenting game. And lately, as in, at least once a week if not more, someone asks me if my son is potty trained (he’s 28 months, and yep, I’m definitely counting). Granted, childless people have been letting me know he’s ready for almost a year now, but my son has recently started piping up too. (Announcing loudly that he needs to potty, only when people are within earshot, like say on the subway to music class, of course.)

But I work at a parenting mag: I’ve heard the horror stories of late-night sheet-changing. And I so don’t have enough toddler sheets. Nor do I have enough potties. Because at least one of our imaginary friends will need a potty too. And Bear One or Bear Two will want one, probably. And at the moment, the one we do have is a cozy sleeping spot for dolly. And mostly, to be honest, I don’t mind changing diapers.

Am I crazy in admitting I like diapers? (Past the blowout stage, anyways.) Maybe it’s because I’m a working mom, and changing diapers means only two: one before bed, one in the morning. And really, if someone else is raising my child, doesn’t that mean they should be doing the training? (Joking. Sort of.)

And what’s the deal with pull-ups? Because honestly, they seem like a total scam. $20 dollars for like eight? And so ugly. Sigh.

But, in the name of science, I’m putting aside my ultimate parenting philosophy—wait long enough and anything and everything will happen (mostly) on its own. Looks like I’ve got four months to get it done. If you have any tips or advice, please share! What’s your experience?

-Melissa, CF‘s lifestyle editor

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One response to “When is the Best Time and Age to Start Potty Training?”

  1. Batatanatata says:

    I have even heard training at 12 months , I’ve met people who have . My boy is 14 months and will cry if I sit him down. How’s that possible?