Which Is Best? Cloth Diapers vs Disposables

Photography from New and Green

The choice to live a greener family life just got a little dirtier and cloth versus disposable diapers are not making things any easier. Although cloth products tote their green labels like badges of honour, critics are still on the fence about whether they truly are the greener choice.

According to Environment Canada, energy resources like water and hydro which are used in the washing of the cloth diapers could trump the fact that they cause less residential waste than their disposable counterparts. On the other hand, the manufacturing of the disposable diapers is much harder on the land than their cloth adversaries. Either way, the best thing to do is to inform yourself. The history of the diaper tells us that cloth diapers worked well before the disposables stole the show. And now that decreasing (or doing our best at it, anyhow) our environmental impact is commonplace, cloth is experiencing a glorious resurrection. So if you are looking for a fresher, greener take on the pre-potty trained years of your baby’s life, perhaps cloth is right for you.

The Bummis Easy Fit Cloth Diaper has tested very well as an easy-to-use cloth alternative to disposables diapers. The adorable print on the cover, the bacteria-resistant bamboo lining and strong velcro tabs held up well to baby-testers aged 0-3 years old. Finding this product in your city couldn’t be easier with the retail locator. Although retailers could differ in price, a 12-pack of the lovely cloth diapers for newborns are priced at $40 as listed on New and Green, an organic baby company based out of Vancouver. Here in Toronto, Comfy Cotton Diaper Service acts as a cloth diaper rental service (which does include Bummis products) in which they drop-off a load of clean cloth diapers and then pick up the soiled ones at the end of the week for cleaning. A registration fee of $40 is required to begin this service, but is refunded on your end-of-year invoice. You will be invoiced every three months and prices vary depending on how much or how little you use the service. More details are available here.

You can also find disposable diapers with a lesser impact, like the chlorine-free options by Seventh Generation. These green disposables may strike just the right balance between effort and eco.

What do you do? Are you lean and green and go for cloth? Or do feel that disposable diapers get a bum wrap?

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