Which Reality Shows Cross the Line?

Photo courtesy of stockwerk23 via flickr (CC)

Remember when Survivor first came on the scene in 2000? TV viewers bored of predictable sitcoms and cheesy cop dramas gulped it down and kept coming back for more. From there, millionaires were married off, ugly ducklings were turned into “swans” and washed-up rock stars rolled out the welcome mat for millions of people to peer into their not-so-fabulous lives.

But if you thought there wasn’t a soul left on the planet for TV execs to exploit, think again! Starting on November 1, Canadians can tune into even more reality. The new reality channel Twist TV promises “out of control kids to pageant moms, dads gone wild and life-altering health situations”.

Daddy’s Spoiled Little Girl will follow dads aiming to please their daughters with $200,000 Bentleys and private jets to Rome; Raising Sextuplets picks up where Jon and Kate left off by forcing six little souls into the media spotlight; and Dad Camp will offer cringe-worthy moments as irresponsible dads-to-be are put through the paces in preparation for fatherhood.

Defenders of reality TV say the genre is meant as entertainment and not to be taken too seriously. But there’s a fine line between documentary and mockumentary, and some of these shows don’t just toe the line—they step right over it.

What are your thoughts? Is it right to give so much attention to everything that’s wrong with our society or are we just being hypersensitive?

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