Easy Summer Food: Winging it On the Grill

Image courtesy of woodleywonderworks via flickr (CC).

Generally we eat pretty healthfully at my house, but every once in a while my husband and I are drawn to our local pub by the siren call of hot wings and cold beer. It’s a guilty pleasure, indeed.

But a few weeks ago, while visiting friends at their cottage, we got wise to something even more fabulous than pub wings: Wings on the Barbie! We’d never tasted more delicious wings. They had just the right amount of crispiness and the sauce (applied at the very end to prevent charring) was deliciously caramelized.  While I wouldn’t go so far as to call these a “healthy” option, they have to be a bit easier on the old ticker than the deep-fried bar variety…right?

The technique is super simple—just remember, low and slow—and it’s the perfect solution when you’re cooking for a crowd since you can fit loads on the grill and also cook them in waves.


1 Preheat BBQ on high, then scrape grill clean.
2 Turn the temperature down to low, then add the wings in a single layer. No need to oil them. Close lid and cook for 20 minutes, watching for flare-ups, and making sure to flip every 5 minutes.
3 Sprinkle with some seasoned salt (we like The Keg Chicken & Ribs Seasoning Salt) and cook for another 15 minutes, continuing to flip at 5-minute intervals.
4 Brush on your favourite BBQ sauce and cook for another 5 minutes, flipping every minute or two at this point to prevent charring.
Serve immediately.

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