Would You Wear It?: Leather Leggings

Leather leggings with knit back, $149, Danier

At first, we have to admit leather leggings do sound kind of ridiculous (not to mention uncomfortable). And our thoughts immediately go to that episode of Friends where a tight-leather-pants-wearing Ross is stuck in the washroom at a lady friends’ apartment applying lotion and baby powder  just trying to get the dang things off. But, we can’t help thinking… they are kind of hot. Right? (I mean aside from the awkward positions needed to actually remove them.) There is something really powerful and, frankly, bad-ass about leather to begin with, and not since the eighties have we seen leather on the bottom half look so good (think: Olivia Newton-John in the final song and dance of Grease).

And paired with some dynamite heels, an ultra-feminine blouse (like this one), and the staple boyfriend blazer, we think this is a look we’d like to rock.

So, will you be wearing leather leggings to your next holiday party? Or is it something you wish would go away (before your hubby catches on)?

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