Would You Wear It?: Swarovski Character Pendants

Erika Nature Reloaded Pendant, $280.

Maybe we’ve been too busy deciding whether fluorescent nail polish is gaudy or chic to notice that another youthful trend is becoming a hit among older women. At a Swarovski preview last week we were surprised to find out that one of their top sellers, which have been around for three years, is the charismatic charm duo – Elvis and Erika.

These individual sold crystal encrusted buddies come in classic styles, which are available year round, and special editio versions that coincide with the season or holidays. A mix of anime cuteness with traditional Swarovski pizazz, the Autumn collection, ‘Nature Reloaded’, features Elvis as a bug and Erika as a butterfly.

So, what do you think?

Is it ironic enough to be considered fashion-forward?

Or is it just flashy costume jewellery circa 1995?

Elivs Nature Reloaded Pendant, $280

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